About Me

Hey everyone! I'm Jackie! I am starting this blog to share my opinion on the kind of books I like to read.  After reading so many amazing books in my reading career, I wanted to be able to contribute something of my own.  I am very excited to share my opinions on the novels I have enjoyed and try to support new and established authors.

I am a fiction junkie.  My main reading passion is Adult and YA fantasy, paranormal, dystopian. Finding new authors that are writing amazing stories is something I take great pride in. I'm very excited to be able to use this blog to get the word out about books I really enjoy.

In the days before having my three lovely children I could spend entire days (literally) reading.  Now, I religate reading to my kids' nap and bedtimes.  Since I am an avid book lovers, I  have read to all of my kids almost from the time they were born, and look forward to sharing some of my favorite books with them once they are old enough.  I love finding those special books that they want to read everyday for weeks at a time.