Author Interviews

Here you will find my growing (hopefully) list of interview posts with authors.  I really enjoy getting the chance to ask questions to the minds behind the books :-)

In Alphabetical Order by Author's First Name:

Almon Chu (The Last Three) - Interview

Chrystalla Thoma (Rex Rising) - Inane Interview

Daniel Arenson (Song of Dragons series) - Interview

Debra L. Martin (Quest for Nobility) - Interview

Hailey Edwards (A Hint of Frost) - Interview

James A. West (The God King) - Interview

James Fryar (Patrick Patterson and the World of Others) - Interview

Jason Letts ('Suspense' and 'Expense') - Interview and Casting Call

Kate Fuentes (Elements: The Beginning) - Interview

Lorin K. Barber (The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow) - Interview

Tony Rauch (Eyeballs growing all over me . . . again) - Interview