Review Policy

**Due to a high volume of books to review and a lack of time to read at the moment, I am closed to requests.  I will hopefully be ready to reopen this Fall. Thanks for stopping by and check back later!**

I would be very excited to be asked to review books from authors or publishers.  Here is some information on my book preferences for reviewing:

Genres I am Interested in:

Adult Fiction
I enjoy thrillers, mystery, love stories, etc.

Young Adult
I can appreciate young adult fiction since I am still young at heart!  I prefer paranormal, but enjoy reading all different types within the YA spectrum.

Children's Books
I have three kids under the age of 4, so I like to think I know a thing or two about children's literature.  My kids are willing test subjects in this category.


I will be posting my review here on My Tower of Books, Goodreads, and also on Amazon.  The review will include a picture of the book cover, official summary, my personal review and opinions, and my source for obtaining the book.

Time Frame
Please let me know if there is a certain time frame in which you would like the books to be finished and reviewed.  I will try to accomodate any reasonable requests.  Otherwise, I will read and review books in as timely a manner as possible.

Unreviewed Books
I want to feature books I love and feel great excitement for, but also books that I think others would really enjoy even if they aren't exactly my style.  If I don't have anything positive to say about a book, I will not post a review. 

I look forward to promoting new books, so send them my way!

I can be contacted at