Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: I Love You More....Than Chocolate by Melanie Milburn

This book was originally a song, and inside the back cover, you have a CD of Melanie singing the song. When Melanie would tuck her children into bed at night, she made sure they knew how much they were loved. She told them she loved them more than anything even chocolate! Her children knew she was a chocoholic, so they had no doubt, they knew they were loved! Every child wants to know they are loved, and this book conveys what parents want their children to know in a way that speaks clearly and impressively to the child's mind and heart.

This is such a sweet book! I think I've read it almost 20 times to my kids after having it for about a week. It's got great illustrations to go along with the words and phrases. The pictures help kids recognize what's coming up in the story, and they can really get into following along.

A cd of the author singing the song that goes with the book is on the back cover. The song is word for word what is written in the book. It's all the things the mother tells her daughter before bed. I love you more than...chocolate. The song is great, and we've listened to it so much! Again, it's easy for kids to sing along with and really get into :-) I believe we listened to this song the whole 45 minute drive to my parents' house. Pretty catchy tune!

A great book (and song) that kids will want to hear again and again!

Publication Date: December 6, 2010
Genre: Children's Fiction/Picture Book
Source: Thanks to the author, Melanie Milburn, for my review copy!

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