Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fangirl Review (that's a lie . . . it's not a review): The Walking Dead Volume 1

Like I said, this really isn't a review. I'm just singing praises.

Summary of my thoughts on The Walking Dead: Volume 1:
This is probably more for people that 1. Love graphic novels  2. Love The Walking Dead tv series or
3. Kind of like both of those things.

I've read a few comics here and there throughout my life - I am married to a nerd after all - but I've never really felt any sort of investment in them. Now, if you know me personally in any way then you probably know how hard I fangirl over The Walking Dead on AMC.  I could give lists of the reasons why, but I can sum it up by saying that I feel emotionally invested in the show, the story and the characters.

So it stands to reason that I would want to check out the comics that the show is based off of.  I kept hearing how different the show is from the graphic novels, and I finally just had to see for myself.  The show has one episode left to air (on Sunday!!) in the second season and I read the first Volume which contains the first 6 actual comics.  There are a TON of things that are different but all in all the show holds true to the spirit and story in the comic.  They have switched up quite a bit, but I think that just makes it more enjoyable for people that were fans of the comics before the show ever aired.  Even they don't really know what's going to happen.

My main thoughts coming away from Volume 1 of The Walking Dead was that I really do like graphic novels as long as they aren't about super heroes (sorry to people that like super hero stories) and that the writer of the comic and the tv show are true geniuses.

Any other Walking Dead fans out there waiting with bated breath for Sunday's episode? Have you read the comics? Do you think you will at some point?


Giselle said...

Awesome haul I def. plan to get Walking Dead on DVD to watch this summer! ZOMBIES rock my FACE Off (or eat it - whatever!) Great review chicky!!

Giselle from Book Nerd said...

Yes I'm A Walking Dead fan! I want the comics now just so I know what's about to happen :D

Jackie's Little World said...

@Giselle, since you love zombies so much, you will die a hundred times watching this show :D

@Giselle from Book Nerd Totally read the comics! They are amazing! I love meeting fellow 'Dead' fans :)