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Guest Post by Amy Lignor: Can A Soulmate Be Replaced?

I'm so glad to have Amy Lignor, author of Until Next Time, here today! This post really emphasizes the themes found within her story. Thanks SO much for taking the time to write this amazing, thought-provoking post :-D  The main tagline in the book's synopsis is: "How does a girl choose between the one who steals her heart and the one who owns her soul?"

-Thanks also to Tribute Books for allowing me a spot on the tour!


Can A Soulmate Be Replaced?

I think we all know what the answer is to that question. At any age, even if we have a background that includes those painful break-ups, we still hold dear to the fact that there’s a ‘one-and-only’ wandering the proverbial moors just waiting to cross our path. Soulmates is the very basic concept that we learn from the moment we’re old enough to listen to our mother speak the words: “Once Upon a Time.” From then on, there’s a knight, a prince, a king, even a pauper, perhaps, who will prove to us that there’s only one perfect person to fall head-over-heels in love with.
Is this still too naive a thought to have in this messy, mean world? Well, I have to say, if you have nothing romantic left to believe in then this would be a very dismal world. Right now, even the nay-sayers out there who wish to express the fact that there’s no such thing as ‘true love,’ still - somewhere very deep down - believe in it.
The plotline that appears in almost every genre is still romance, which says a great deal about readers out there. And with the huge resurgence of the ‘love triangle,’ that came about with the ‘fanged ones,’ romance seems is almost a necessity for bestsellers.
Perhaps your soul mate - the one specially made for you - IS a bad influence on your life. Whether it be because of their job, their ‘human frailties,’ or even the fact that they have fangs - any of these can cause a romance to become harsh, leading the main character to fight in order to see their love shine. But what about ‘Contestant Number 2?’ On the other point of that love triangle lies yet another perfect guy or girl. The love they have for you is just as intense, and in many cases you have far more in common with that person than the one who’s supposedly made for you. This ‘non-soulmate’ will treat you well - like a queen, in fact. They will protect, defend, make you laugh, and make you feel better when that soulmate makes you seriously angry or upset, and they seem to have no negatives whatsoever. But, alas, there’s one…
There is only one soulmate; that’s just the way that writers, not to mention Fate, works. That other ‘perfect specimen’ is amazing and can make you happy, but what they end up to be is a really good friend. You see, they will never possess that ‘key’ that will supply you with “Happily Ever After.” There will always be a part of you looking off into the distance wondering why you and your soulmate didn’t ‘meet up’ this time around.
When I began to write Matt & Emily I needed to be unique. I didn’t want the ‘love triangle’ that’s quite easily seen and easily understood. I wanted Emily and her audience to not have a clue when it comes to love and who her soulmate truly is. Hence, she’s extremely happy with Jason. As a human, he’s the one who can give her that much-sought-after fairytale. He loves her with the fiercest of passion and will do anything to get her to say, “I do.”
However, in this specific triangle, Matt holds much more power than a ‘friend.’ Matt is Emily’s warrior, her confidante, and a young man who’s slowly learning and adapting to the new world around him. He finds himself looking at Emily in a different way, as they begin to feel human emotions.
When Emily’s the angel, Matt is the one and only being in existence who understands her. He knows when she’s sad and when she wishes to fight; he can antagonize like a annoying little brother, yet the next minute stand before her and defend her from absolutely any danger that crosses her path.
Jason and Matt are two completely different characters from different worlds, and Emily truly loves them both. Therefore, how will she decide? How will she actually know, in the end, who that soulmate truly is? And once she does, will it end up being the one she left behind?
This is where the power of a soulmate comes into play. IS it possible there were two soulmates created? Until Next Time opens the door for anyone who still believes in the power of soulmates to attach themselves to a romance that hasn’t been seen before. Perhaps it will even take the second time around for the soulmate to be revealed! After all, that is one person who can NEVER be replaced…so choose wisely.

Until Next Time, Everybody,

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Giselle said...

Really cute guest post! I secretly love love triangle, but I hate them at the same time. I always feel bad for the "other". I'm reading this book soon and it sounds great!

Tribute Books said...

Ooo, Jackie - I think Amy let you and your readers in on a big teaser when it comes to the love triangle and book two. Hmmm, the possibility of two soulmates - can't wait to find out what that means.

Giselle, always good to see you as well :)

Novel dTales Team said...

Outstanding post Amy! I can't wait for book two in the series!

HelloWriters said...

Thank you so much for having me on your site - and ladies, I can't wait for you to read Book II too :) You will never guess who the bad guy is LOL. It's sites like yours that have made UNT a success and now we're going to have a HUGE Twitter party to celebrate with Cash and Book giveaways. so I want to thank you SO much for supporting Emily and Matt and I hope you and your readers can join us for some fun!!!

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