Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm Still Here :)

Well, hello there, everyone! I guess it's been a while.
A while since I've posted.
A while since I've read *gasp*
A while since I've felt like reading *even bigger gasp*
I have been on a much needed and slightly forced break from blogging and just reading in general.  It wasn't a conscious decision. It just happened naturally. With three young kids yelling and screaming around the house by day, I only have a few hours at night that are truly mine. With my oldest starting Kindergarten I've been bombarded by many fears and stresses and calendar-based thing-a-ma-bobs that I normally don't have to deal with. And reading kind of got pushed to the wayside.
Also, I've been devoting a larger portion of my free hours to writing. Which was actually one of my goals for this year :) I have a hard time scheduling regular time for writing...again with the schedule/calendar aversion here.
So here are some things I will confess :)
*I was majorly burned out on reading.
*I haven't cracked a book in 3 weeks (please, no punching me for that one)
*I've chain-watched so many episodes of Supernatural I forget Sam and Dean aren't real people
*I've logged an embarrassing amount of video game hours playing through an arsenal of games that were on my 'to play' list.
*I've co-written over 25,000 words in a novel over the last few months (slow and steady, right?)
*I've managed to detach the umbilical cord between myself and the computer
and last, but not least...
*I've found my desire to read again :)
My priorities as far as blogging have been rearranged into something that I find much more enjoyable. I'm not requesting any books because I don't like feeling obligated to read it if I hate it or don't have time. I'm also not accepting any requests...same reason.  I'm focusing on the books I've been dying to read, but have been back-burnered due to lack of time. And I'm not beating myself up if other things take over some of my reading time.  I'm back to reading, reviewing and blogging for the fun of it.

I think every blogger on earth has experienced burnout in some shape or form. So, I've hit my burnout, and I'm finally remembering why I loved doing this to begin with. Plus, book bloggers and readers are some frigging amazing people, and they share one of my dearest loves: Books!
I hope you all have had a great summer, and you'll be seeing my posts coming back once I get into the swing of this whole taking-my-kid-to-school-every-day-and-not-being-late-and-not-forgetting-to-pack-a-lunch-and-wearing-real-pants thing :) 


Jessi E. (The Elliott Review) said...

I'm having my own brand of reading burnout. Mainly for many of the same reasons as you. I don't have as much time to read as before, and in that limited amount of time, I have to scrunch in ALL the things I want to do... I love the comment about forgetting Dean and Sam aren't real people. I have that issue, too!!!

Jackie M. said...

Yes, hard to scrunch in everything! Plus I've been going to bed earlier which makes the scrunching even harder :) I had forgotten how much I loved doing all these other things until I finally gave myself permission to do them. Everything in moderation...unless it's Pinterest and then I'm screwed, bahaha!