Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: A Feast of Souls: Araneae Nation, Book 2 by Hailey Edwards

Born with the ability to communicate with the dead, few things take Mana by surprise. But when a canis lopes into her life, announcing himself as the long-dead father of a childhood friend, she’s shocked. To make matters worse, he has a dire message that she alone can deliver.

Now Mana must face Vaughn, the male who inspired one too many girlish fantasies, and impart the spirit’s message—without acknowledging her source—so the soul can be laid to rest.

With rumors of a burgeoning clan war setting his nerves on edge, the last thing Vaughn needs is for an innocent to get caught in the crosshairs. But the woman he remembers as an awkward girl refuses to leave his side until he’s heard her out. That’s not the only change in her that calls to him. Her kindness soothes his battle-scarred soul—and he craves her in ways a warrior shouldn’t.

When they are both captured, they learn of an even greater threat. The plague devastating the southlands has come to his clan home. And his best—and only—chance to keep his people alive is the female who walks among the dead.

Product Warnings
This book contains one fierce hero with a nose for danger, one stubborn heroine who smells like trouble, and one wolfish spirit who makes most relationships with the in-laws seem downright tame. Fur, fangs and some biting should be expected. But never fear, the hero has a sword, and he knows how to use it.

Publication Date: December18, 2012
Genre: Adult, Fantasy, Romance
Source: Thanks so much to Hailey Edwards for providing me with a review copy!

Ah! Ok, it was predetermined that I would like this book. As the second book in this series it lived up to my expectations and then some. Sometimes it's hard to adjust to new main characters in a series when you've gotten attached the ones from previous books, but this book has no problems there.

Book 1, A Hint of Frost (my review), centers around Rhys and Lourdes. A Feast of Souls focuses on Rhys's brother Vaughn *gazes off dreamily* I can't say how excited I was that Vaughn was the 'hero' in this book. Even though he wasn't in the first book a whole lot, he stood out as an interesting and complex character. He doesn't disappoint at all. He has to be tough and violent at times, but I love that his one soft spot, his achilles heel, is Mana. Gah! I loved them in this book so much!

One thing I have to say I admire about Mana is that unlike a lot of female characters in romance novels she is really honest with herself about her feelings for Vaughn. She has the inner turmoil of being attracted to him but thinking he's not right for her, without pushing him away. That drives me crazy in books when the girl will be over the top against being with this or that person. Mana can't keep Vaughn at a distance no matter what her head tells her because she is in tune to what her heart is saying.

I think I probably mentioned this in my review of the first book of this series, but I was so impressed by this fact again in Book 2. Hailey Edwards has this amazing gift of writing Romance that is gripping, tension-filled and *way* sexy . . . without being smutty. Plus, the Fantasy element of the novel doesn't take a backseat to all the steamy stuff. The story is an integral part of the characters and their relationships.

If you haven't read anything of Hailey's, you are missing out. She is an amazing author and has a true gift for this genre. An author to keep your eyes on, for sure!


Emily said...

I LOVED the first book in this series and am stoked for the second one. I'm planning on reading it next weekend as I fly for the holidays. I'm glad you liked it!

Jackie M. said...

You'll go through it really fast during your flights :) If you loved the first one, you'll love this one too!

Talk Supe said...

I love the Product Warning part! I will take your advice and earmark this author.