Monday, May 7, 2012

Review: The Shadowbearer by Terry C. Simpson

Death's always simple. We spend our entire lives dying.

Knight Commander Stefan Dorn, leader of the Unvanquished, has known only war, death and, victory. All in the name of his loyalty to King Nerian the Lightbearer, a man he idolized.

Until now.

Everything he thought he knew about the King, his people, and his world is coming to an end. At a time when there should be peace, he’s once again called to war.

Torn between shocking changes at home, his family, loyalty to his men and his King, Stefan wishes only to enjoy life away from the battlefield. But with the new campaign comes a rabid, unforgiving enemy and a potential cataclysm.

Follow him as he fights to save his family, his people and his birthright from the grips of the shade. When failure is not an option, which will he sacrifice for a chance at victory?

Publication Date: April 12, 2012
Genre: Adult, Fantasy
Source: Thanks so much to the author, Terry, for my review copy!

The Shadowbearer is a prequel to Terry C. Simpson's Etchings of Power (Aegis of The Gods #1) (My review HERE). As far as prequels go, I thought this one made a strong showing. Perfect for those just beginning in this rich, well-thought out world, and fans of the first book will get some extra insight into how the world became what it was in Etchings of Power.

Stefan Dorn is the one we follow in this installment. He's a battle-hardened warrior and immensely loyal to his family and King. His army of The Unvanquished have fought for decades. After what should be this army's last battle, Stefan wants peace for himself and his men. They have more than earned it. After years away from home things aren't what he expects upon his return.

Stefan is a steadfast, strong character. He makes the right decision regardless of what the cost may be. His only weakness comes in the form of his family. He loves them with a passion and would do anything for them. King Nerian has been an important person in Stefan's life for years and a personal hero to Stefan. I have to say that Nerian doesn't hold up well under the pressure of power he has gained. He makes a wonderful villain!

The Shadowbearer is just as full of epic battles, evil nemesis, and twisted plottings that were in Etchings of Power. I should also mention that the 'magic' system used in the books is well-thought out and very unique. This is a series I'll enjoy keeping up with :)


Jac said...

I am always hesitant with prequels, so I'm glad to hear that this one held its ground!

I just read your review for Etchings of Power, I think this is the type of thing my husband would love, so maybe I'll suggest it be one we both read :)

-Jac @ For Love and Books

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great review, Jackie. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.