Sunday, November 13, 2011

Review: Etchings of Power by Terry C. Simpson

Death feeds life in the world of Denestia. The shade advances, bathing the land in blood as they massacre all before them. Magics and creatures long thought dead rise again.

To the east, in Ostania, an ancient clan re-emerges to begin their conquest anew, leaving carnage in their wake. To the west, the ruling Granadian Tribunal tries to maintain its stranglehold on its empire while expanding into Ostanian lands under the premise of converting the ‘uncivilized’ to the path of enlightenment.

Hope rests on the swords, intelligence, and power of four: Ryne, a living legend at the edge of madness, haunted by a murderous past, the voices of his power that whisper in his head, and hunted by the Tribunal, strives to defend a village he swore to protect. Ancel, a gifted student who has lost his way due to a love spurned, is stalked by the shade's minions and must learn to accept who he is or perish. Irmina, Ancel's former lover, also a Tribunal assassin sent to find Ryne, is mired in her quest for revenge on Ancel's parents, and must set aside her emotions or fail her final test. And Galiana Calestis, Ancel's Teacher, and an old Matus whose greatest wish is to help her people survive, must manipulate whoever she needs to if she's to see the Chronicles come to pass.

Between warring nations, vengeful leaders, magic and steel, myth and men, the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Who can unite the kingdoms against the encroaching darkness? Who shall bring the power that drives the world to heel? Who will walk the knife’s edge of harmony? If none can, then Denestia is doomed.

I have to say, I was really impressed by this book. Fantasy novels can be tricky and insanely hard to write. The world created by Terry Simpson is well thought out and nicely executed. This author is one to watch in the Fantasy writing community.

What would any Fantasy tale be without the Hero? Ryne Waldron is a warrior with great powers at his disposal, but he's not the typical good guy. He can't remember much of his past, but the things he does remember are very troubling to him. He must keep his bloodlust tightly controlled at all times. I find it very easy to root for the tortured warrior type :-) What's not to like? Then there's Ancel. He is a lost young man and is wasting his potential when the story begins. Circumstances force him to either stand firm in his training or allow his emotions to control his actions.

Etchings of Power has giant warriors, hidden pasts, girls that kick butt (with style), a mysterious companion, and most everyone has a secret they are guarding. It all comes together to create a rich setting and characters that don't fade into the background. If you like a good fantasy novel, you won't want to miss this one.

Publication Date: October 6, 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Adult
Source: Thanks to the author, Terry C. Simpson, for my review copy.

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Terry C. Simpson said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Jackie. This made my day.