Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Darkness Falling by Peter Crowther


Zombie monsters struck from the mold of countless drive-in B movies supply mayhem and gore in Darkness Falling. Their onslaught is heralded one day by a predawn flash of unearthly light that cuts off middle-American everyville Jesman's Bend from communication with the outside world. When four employees of local radio station KMRT investigate, they find the town mysteriously depopulated, apparently in the middle of regular routines. Familiar folk reappear shortly afterward, all wearing concealing sunglasses and gloves and driven by malignant alien motives revealed when they descend en masse upon the terrified foursome . . .

Darkness Falling is the first book in the Forever Twilight series. It starts off as just an average day, and then there is a blinding, white light. Afterwards, there are only a few people left. Everyone else is just gone. As the survivors are trying to figure out what happened and come to terms with the fact that the people around them have disappeared, there is another flash of light. This time all those people are back, but they aren’t what they appear to be.

I knew that I would probably like this book before I even read it. The premise is something that really appeals to me. It has a cool story and some very interesting characters. It starts out introducing you to some of the key players. All of them have a defining flaw or issue, and some of them are just plain crazy. Then they are thrown into this life-altering situation and it was cool to see some of them rise to the occasion. Virgil really stood out to me as one of my favorite characters to read. I would definitely describe him as a ‘creeper’, but knowing the reason for why he’s so screwed up made me feel sympathetic towards him. I was really rooting for him and look forward to seeing more of him in the next book.

Now, this book does have some gore in it. Well, there’s no ‘some’ about it. While I wouldn’t say that’s normally my cup of tea, it actually added to the whole feel of the book for me. During those parts I kind of shook my finger in mock scolding, but I was secretly really enjoying it. I could picture the action and shoot-em-up parts in movie form, especially the climax at the very end.

One other thing that I think this author did a superbly good job of was building up a feeling of suspense as you read through it. Darkness Falling gains momentum as it goes, and I ended up really liking it.

Publication Date: 9/27/2011
Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Adult

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