Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Character Interview: Jessie Hendrix from The Sanction Chronicles

I am happy to have the intriguing Jessie here today to answer a few questions. She currently attends a very unique and...diverse high school in the town of Sanction. All the students that attend Wind Haven High School are paranormals of some kind. All except for Jessie.


My Tower of Books: You are the only human attending Wind Haven High School. Have you ever wished you were more than human?

Jessie: No, I just want out of this town. Then if I can attend a real HS I won't be the only human. If you can't join them leave them.

- Off the record, may have wanted to - this is embarrassing - I may have wanted to be a vampire when I was a child. Though the idea of blood juice boxes has always grossed me out.

MToB: You and Marcus Vittori have an interesting relationship. How did you two first meet?

Jessie: There was no meeting. My first memory is playing with him in the garden. I cut my finger and he said. "Kiss it and make it better." the way my mom used to. Then he bit me. I was born on the Vittori estate just like Marcus was.

MToB: Most vampire girls at Wind Haven would give a fang to live in the Vittori house with Marcus. How did you and your mom end up there?

Jessie: I don't like to talk about that. Everyone asks when they hear about us. All of the supernatural jerks say things like, "Where did you find this damaged piece of humanity, the side of the road?" Mom can't hide her scars, and she has come to grips with it, but one fool said that in front of Maximus. He was dumped outside of Sanction, on the side of the road every finger, arm, and leg bone broken.

MToB: Why?

Jessie: Probably because he was too close to the truth. Marcus's mom was pregnant and they were driving back to Sanction to have the baby. That's when they found my mom, on the side of the road, where my dad dumped her after he beat her. She was pregnant too and that was enough to gain their vampire sympathy. They took her back to Sanction hoping one of the witches could heal her, but it was too late to prevent the scars.

MToB: A paranormal community and High School are strange settings to grow up in. What are your plans for the future, after school?

Jessie: Get the hell out of Sanction. After being here my whole life I just want a taste of normal. Maybe California. Hollyweird has nothing on Sanction New Hampshire!

MToB: Would you ever date someone that wasn't human?

Jessie: Are you asking me if I am racist? I don't discriminate. I would I guess, if they would. The "isn't human" part of the equation is more likely to have an issue. I am stuck here for at least the next four years though, so yes I am willing to date someone here. Why do you ask...


And we'll leave it at that for now, everyone! Thanks, Jessie, for stopping by!


The Sanction Chronicles said...

I am pretty sure that off the record means off the record. Whatever. Kids always want what they don't have. Their best friend has curly hair and that is what you want too.

So what if I wanted fangs? Everyone around me had them. So I wanted to fit in.

- Jessie Hendrix

Reading said...

Must be hard to be the only human among supernaturals! Haha