Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Review: Quest for Nobility by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small

The idyllic life of royal twins, Darius and Dyla Telkur, from the planet Otharia takes a horrifying turn when their parents are murdered. With their cousin appointed as Regent until Darius comes of age, it doesn’t take the twins long to figure out that he’s bent on stealing their throne one way or another. To escape their cousin’s wrath and a trumped up murder charge, they flee to the only safe place they know – the forbidden and quarantined planet Earth.

...Everything is connected, but time is running out for the royal pair. They must find the traveling crystal and open a portal home soon before their cousin is crowned the next Duke of Telkur and their lives are forfeited.

Quest for Nobility is a fun read with alot of interesting plot twists along the way. The origins of the tale of King Arthur get a makeover in this story.

The book starts on the planet of Otharia. This planet is divided into duchies and the Dukes on the Ruling Council keep things running smoothly, but one Duke has his sights set on being King. He will stop at nothing to gain the crown. Darius and Dyla Telkur are unknowingly thrust into the center of this plot. Framed for murder, they must flee to the planet Earth to find a way to clear their names.

I would describe Otharia as a version of Earth with elements of medieval times with some crude technology and PSI powers thrown in. In the second part of the story Dyla, Darius, and their friend travel to a modern day Earth. It was fun to see them thrust into a strange(to them) landscape. As the twins try to find a way back to their home planet, we get a new view of King Arthur, Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake.

An interplanetary Amazing Race with some very high stakes.

Publication Date: March 28, 2010
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Thank you to author, Debra L. Martin for my review copy! For more from the author check out her Blog, Facebook or Twitter.

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