Thursday, October 27, 2011

Review: If I Tell by Janet Gurtler

Jasmine Evans knows one thing for sure... people make mistakes. After all, she is one. Jaz is the result of a onenight stand between a black football player and a blonde princess. Having a young mother who didn't raise her, a father who wants nothing to do with her and living in a small-minded town where she's never fit in hasn't been easy. But she's been surviving. Until she sees her mom's new boyfriend making out with her own best friend. When do you forgive people for being human or give up on them forever?

If I Tell hooked me in from the very beginning. The style of writing, the characters, story. It was all so addicting to read, and I had a hard time putting it down. I don't normally read a lot of contemporary fiction, but this book makes me think I might be missing out.

Beautifully told, the story pulls you in and makes you really care about Jasmine. She's had a rough life and learned to deal with it in her own way. After being betrayed by people she loves over and over, she finally reaches a breaking point. Her journey to forgiveness is twisted and painful, but her eyes are opened to a lot of truths about others and about herself.

A touching story of family, love and forgiveness

Publication Date: October 1, 2011
Genre: Young Adult, Realistic, Contemporary
Source: Thanks to Sourcebooks Fire and


Cary Cheyenne. said...

I've been seeing this book a lot lately and it seems to have been getting rave reviews. You pretty much convinced me that I have to read it now :)

Giselle said...

This sounds really cute! I've been seeing a lot of good reviews on it too.

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