Monday, November 21, 2011

Short Novel Review: The Last Three by Almon Chu

"'Just three more stops,' I thought to myself. I gripped my knife, the handle digging into my flesh. I closed my eyes and tried to think of Eris." A descent down the path of self-destruction, does salvation lie around the corner or is it merely an illusion? The Last Three is a captivating story of a lost soul on the streets of a modern dystopia.

This story packs a big punch for being novella or short story length. The gritty cover is perfect for what is inside its pages.

I was completely immersed in this sliver of world. It was like I could feel the environment being described. It's a sad tale of betrayal and wasted life. The main character, Jon, is living his entire life based on a lie. A lie that ruins his life, crushes his psyche and destroys whatever else is left of him. It made me very sad for him mostly because he is so fervently loyal and committed to sacrificing for the person he loves. And those very traits are used against him.

I was so engrossed in this book while reading and was sad to see it end. I guess you could even say I was riveted :-) It does have some strong language, but if that doesn't bother you I would suggest checking this little gem out.

Publication Date: October 15, 2011
Genre: Modern Noir, Dystopian, Adult
Source: Thanks so much to the author, Almon Chu, for my review copy!

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